четверг, 19 мая 2022 г.

Detroit Diesel Engines Allison Transmissions

For decades the military has relied on Detroit Diesel Allison Division of GM for heavy-duty diesels and trans­missions to power their equipment used around the world. Most recently, it has been the X1100 transmission for the Abrams M1 main battle tank, the 6V-53 for the M113 Family, and the 8V-92TA for the HEMTT, in addition to a host of other military applications where powertrain performance is critical.

As battlefield demands have changed, so has the equipment employed. An “advanced” kind of powertrain is required for today’s logistics support, one that com­plements high mobility, extreme agility, and rapid deploy­ment; one that includes a high level of performance and dependability.

For meeting these demands, DDA has applied its full potential of technology and experience. The result is the manufacture of engines and transmissions equal to the sophistication of present battlefield demands.

Detroit Diesels and Allison transmissions enhance the mobility and survivability of vehicles, while maintaining high efficiency and rugged durability. They’ve proven their military stamina worldwide, becoming the standard powertrain spec for many current and proposed military applications.

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