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Cutaway model shows interior of M483A1, a 155 — millimeter HE (high explosive) projectile. Model is on display in the Office of the Project Manager for Cannon Artillery Weapon Systems (CAWS),

Cutaway model showing interior components of the XM712

Copperhead CLGP (Cannon-Launched Guided antitank Projectile), a major weapon system being developed by the U. S. Army.

Sighting equipment for tank Fire weapon systems on display in the Control Division of Product Assurance Directorate at the U. S. Army Armament Research and Development Command (ARRADCOM).

At left is an M44E1 periscope body assembly, which is used on the M551 Sheridan assault vehicle. The other items, from front to back, are the M32 periscope used on the M60 tank; M105 telescope, also used on the M60 tank, and the Sheridan vehicles

M127 telescope.

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