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The best in it’s class for now - “Armata” ARV

“Armata” ARV (recovery, evacuation and support vehicle). Object 152.
The BREM (ARV) chassis is made on the basis of the unified “Armata” tracked platform with partial refinement of the hull.  Internal fuel tanks are located outside the crew compartment.  Three crew seats and three reserve seats are located in the crew compartment, two crew hatches are made in the roof of the habitable compartment, a standardized uninhabited remote-controlled combat module with weapons is placed behind the crew hatches, the emergency hatch is made in the vertical stern wall of the habitable compartment. 

Containers of removable and modular protection are installed on the hull, roof of the crew compartment, hatches and vehicles’ sides, grill armor screens are installed on the bow and side projections, and heat shields are installed in the areas of intense heat radiation. 
BREM is able to operate in the same line with the future main battle tank (Armata) and other “objects” of armored weapons and equipment, created on their base by ensuring that the requirements for future armored vehicles are met in terms of protection against modern and prospective anti-tank weapons and in terms of operational tactics-technical and ergonomic characteristics.

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